Last day in Washington….. March 13th- Castle Rock

The second day of my ride was a gorgeous 68 mile trip to Castle Rock, Oregon.  I am still getting used to the bike and its batteries which almost got me in trouble.  Riding most of day 1 on the highest gears and using max battery power (making up lost time) I thought they’d go forever.  I was in the top gear on both the PAS (Pedal Assist) and normal gears (7 speed) for roughly 15 miles and I finished with battery juice still remaining.  Turns out uphills and climbs…. use a lotttttt more battery power especially when its 225+ pounds.

The second day started out lovely, nice weather, sunny, a bit chilly but that is to be expected on a mid March day in Oregon.  My wonderful hosts served me an excellent breakfast that included fruit, a bagel, sunny side up egg, and cheese. I packed my bags and they sent me off with a packed lunch. The ride was great and about 3/4 of the way I stopped to eat my packed lunch. I hadn’t seen a car for awhile and there was one medium sized white farm house off in the horizon. Surrounding me was lush green farm land and a river rushing in front of me.  A light drizzle continued to wet my face, but the sun reminded me it was only showers of blessings. After eating my lunch that consisted of  bean tortilla with pico de gallo sauce (delicious) and carrots, apples, radishes, celery I was off for the final 20 miles.

The rain continued but I had no bike troubles so there were no worries.  The last climb to my destination which was a wonderfully laid out RV Resort proved to be the end of my battery. The dreaded E6 flashed on the screen which means low battery. I had to move it to the lowest PAS and continue the climb about 6mph. Eventually, I reached the top and coasted on through to my destination with no troubles!