International Women’s Day

I hope everyone had an enjoyable women’s day. We cannot forget about the mothers, biological or not, who brought us into this world, nutured for us, cared for us, fought for us, and worked for us!!

It is time we as men reciprocate the love, care, fight, and work. The #metoo movement is not a fight against us, but a call to us. We need to stand up and behave with more class, dignity, respect, and most importantly hold women with higher esteem and regards. They deserve an equal opportunity with wage, jobs, and in the government and it’s time it comes to fruition.

I am riding #5000milesfor500scholars of Cameroon. Majority of these scholars will be the girl child. In Cameroon we are fighting early childhood marriage and families who are poor only sending the boys to school while the girls stay at home with house chores and selling in the market place. In each and every country women are battling their own unique battles. We as a nation and world at large came together to show our appreciation for women on a single day. Let us come together and show our appreciation for them everyday and do what is right!  Through equal pay, equal opportunities, and women’s voices on legislation we will have more opportunities and a much better life we have known to date!


Women of ScholarShop

I have too many female role models to count. If you are reading this and I know you, just know you most likely influenced and impacted me for the better! Ya’ll are the rock to my foundation and I wouldn’t be in my profesion if it was not for your guiding. Thank-you and wherever the fight for equality goes I’ll be by your side!

3 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. Estimado Jacobo,

    He estado siguiendo tu trayecto y admiro mucho tu determinación. Me encanta tu artículo sobre el día de la mujer. No muchas personas se detienen para reflexionar y aportar con pensamientos positivos sobre un tema como este. Muchas gracias por tus palabras, pues estoy segura que las mujeres que lean esto tendrán una sonrisa en sus labios.

    Buen viento y buena mar en tu viaje. Cuídate mucho y sigue adelante.

    Ana Lucia, tu profe de español en Quito, Ecuador.


    • Ana Lucia!! Thank you for your kind words! Sadly, my Spanish level has decreased frantically, but I was still able to read your post 🙂 I hope all is well with you.


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