Route for #5000Milesfor500Scholars

A week from today I am going to take on one of my biggest obstacles to date. A 5000 mile bicycle ride across the USA. I will begin in Seattle, WA ride down the Pacific Coast to Los Angeles.  The beginning of the trip will be ridden on an electric bike called the BeachFlyer.  Upon reaching Los Angeles I am still deciding on switching to a normal speed bike or continue with the BeachFlyer and attempt to break a guiness world record of longest journey on an electric bike which is 5,100.9 miles.  Two other records I may attempt are longest distance in 12 hours on an electric bike and longest distance in 24 hours on an electric bike both on road courses.  (More information will be in a later blog.) I will then shoot across the southwest, riding on the oh so beautiful Route 66 all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma. When I reach Tulsa, I will head direct north to Kansas City, MO for a wedding of a dear friend which will also be Peace Corps reunion.  From Kansas City I will travel home to Indiana for my 10 year high school reunion and in time for mothers’ day.  Apart from attempting the world records this leg of the trip will be the most grueling traveling ~550 miles in 6 days.  After spending mothers’ day weekend at home I will continue riding east until I reach Washington, DC.  From DC I will finally end my trip in NYC!!



If you happen to live close to my proposed route or would love to ride along please send me an email.  I am always looking for more people to tag along and keep me company or house if possible. If you would like to donate you can here!

2 thoughts on “Route for #5000Milesfor500Scholars

  1. Hi Jacob, finally made it to library. Reread blogs-so upbeat. I have your travel itinerary-Mom calls everyday to let me know how/where you are, etc. Praying am, pm perpetually. —you, too, I hope. Love,& hugs, Gma.


  2. Jacob, Sr. Rose-with vow of poverty sent what is “widow’s mite” $20 to Scho/Sh.!! Hope not too much rain thru CA. Be safe and healthy-rest when needed-Love you sooo much. G’ma C


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